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Anonymous asked: *I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND* BUT LET ME JUST TWIRL AND SHOW OFF MY NEW CLOTHES TO YOU AND ASK YOU IF YOU LIKE IT TROLOLOLOLOLOL OKAY DOCTOR OKAY u ain't her flirty, teenage boyfriend anymore because y'all are an old, bickering married couple now. lay all that witty banter on me, series 8. LAY IT ON ME


My body is ready and clearly so is the Doctor’s

White privilege is Jennifer Lawrence

White privilege is Jennifer Lawrence’s status as America’s BFF cemented by getting wasted at the Oscars and vomiting in a drunken stupor at Madonna’s party. This is celebrated “real person” behaviour, down-to-earth and adorable by the general public. I’m pretty sure the same plaudits would not be extended to fellow nominees Gabourey Sidibe and Jennifer Hudson if they did the same.

No Dark Nights of the Soul: 60 And Solo On The Camino De Compostela by Kay Smith

No Dark Nights of the Soul: 60 And Solo On The Camino De Compostela by Kay Smith

60 and Solo on The Camino de Santiago de Compostela by Kay Smith is a novelty among the Camino memoirs I have read thus far: a peregrina with no personal insights or problems to grapple with on The Way. Neither the surrounds, the walking, the people, lingering thoughts of her life, nor her health have, as per her writing, a major emotional nor psychological effect. I have read several ebooks and…

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The following piece appears in print in the Australian magazine, smith journal.


I was running this morning and passed a guy who was probably in his sixties.

He was walking in the opposite direction I was running and as we passed he said “Good morning.”

I said “Hi” and kept running….

Franchesca Ramsey Should Be the Next SNL Cast Member



TV Guide, which I normally think of as the Andy Rooney of magazines (wait, is it still a magazine?), has gone all fabulous on me with this list. Maria Bamford, John Mulaney, Baron Vaughn are all awesome comics who would make great additions to the ailing sketch-comedy show. (Mulaney already…

The beautiful Montgomery Clift photographed by Stanley Kubrick



“Weißt du überhaupt was Liebe ist? Liebe ist ein Karussell! Du steckst Geld rein, und es dreht sich! Aber immer nur im Kreis und dein Pferd ist nur aus Holz!”

Gegen die Wand , directed by Fatih Akin [ Alemanha/Turquia , 2004 ]

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